Alexander Gavrik

Александр Гаврик

Alexander was born in Khabarovsk, Russia. He graduated from the Ussuri Suvorov military school, where he began learning Chinese language.

In 2003 he graduated from the faculty of Oriental languages of Far Eastern State Humanities University, combined study and first managerial business experience: he established "Travel Lux" company. At the same time he was a representative of the Amur "New age" in Khabarovsk.

2003-2005 — a General representative of the transport and logistics company "Allterminal" in the South of China.

2005 – establishment of the first private consulting company in China.

2006 — transformation of the company into group of companies South China Service Group Ltd. (SCS Group), whose President Alexander is to this day.

2008 — the representative of the cement Corporation of Shan Dong and Zhou in Russia and representative of the largest construction Corporation of China Jiang Zhong Jiang Su Group in the CIS countries. In 2010 he founded REALSTROY Ltd. and GRANEK Ltd., where supervised several priority areas: manufacturing activity in China and supply chain management industrial and led products for brand Greenec.

2011 — training on the program "State and municipal management".

2012 — opening of the logistics company SCS Logistics with the head office in Vladivostok, Russia.

2013 — opening of a new division — SCS Import: distribution and imports in China.

2013 — establishment of the company Anmez Technology. Profile: research, development and production of the personal measuring devices, eco-testers Greentest.

2015 — new division SCS Promo. Business gifts and souvenirs for promotional industry.

2016 — in collaboration with The Siberian Grain Corporation SCS Group launched the project "Bonape" in China. Distribution of Russian bread, development of franchise of Boulangerie-bakeries in China.

In 2016, Alexander became a co-owner of production company "Dinamika". Manufacture of bearings for the oil and gas sector.

2017 — integration into the blockchain and cryptocurrency economy of the future.

Joining GIST crypto consortium and run a number of projects.

The start of the project Unibid ( management consolidated procurement for retail chains.

Alexander Gavrik is an optimistic, charismatic, sociable and motivated executive. He appreciates professionalism and originality. He builds long-term and long-term relationship with business partners, becoming friends with most of them.

Alexander is a fan of extreme sports. Happily married, and has two sons.