Why choose us?

SCS GROUP business approach has been recognized and valued by CEOs of various large organizations. Among our partners and customers, there are several organizations that are listed by Forbes as top private companies in Russia.

We are consultants of the Center of Economic and Investment Cooperation between Russia and China. In addition, we closely collaborate with Association of Russian Diplomats, whose members include employees of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, as well as retired diplomats.

SCS GROUP has many years of experience of effective business problem solving for all kinds of companies and industries. We believe any project should be evaluated by profit it yields, degree of brand awareness among existing and potential customers, as well as reputation.

Flexibility and agility

We favor individual approach and are open to discuss favorable forms of business partnership. Flexibility in our communication methods makes our business relationship with private companies and state-owned enterprises more prosperous and efficient.

Bright solutions and cost-effective results

We offer a full range of services aimed at satisfying our customers' needs at developing their businesses.

Efficient sourcing in China and Southeast Asia

We have a reliable manufacturer and supplier database, we regularly attend industry-related exhibitions and expos, as well as monitor market trends. These tools allow us to efficiently handle and process customer enquiries.

Customer service oriented approach

Most of our customers keep coming back – they come for a service but stay for the experience. Our key principle is to focus on growing and developing our customer's business to achieve tangible results, as with the customers' collective growth our own company begins to prosper.

Price optimization

We understand how crucial it is for our customers to be able to cut costs without compromising quality, hence we offer price optimization solutions to find the most effective price point.

Strict privacy policy

We value our customers and protect the confidentiality of trade secrets.

We are very happy that most of our customers hear about SCS GROUP by word-of-mouth, and we are quite confident to say that our new customers will not have to look for an alternative company ever again.