Our services in China

SCS GROUP – your reliable business partner in China. Since 2006, we have been offering business support services in China, providing effective solutions in supply chain management, sourcing and manufacturing, shipping, customs clearance, as well as assisting with foreign economic activities.

Today we work with China and Southeast Asia, including: Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, South Korea, India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. The expanded geography of product manufacturing presents us with opportunities to choose favorable suppliers and offer best conditions to our customers.

Our expertise and knowledge enable us to provide efficient supply chain solutions for customers and firms of all sizes from every industry possible.

Our goal – to be of most use to you and your business.

Sourcing in China and Southeast Asia

SCS GROUP offers sourcing services in China, Vietnam, India, Thailand, South Korea and other Asian countries. There are hundreds of reliable manufacturers in our database. We attend major industry-related exhibitions and expos in China and Southeast Asia, monitor market trends and utilize specialized B2B trading platforms.

Supply chain management

Wholesale, manufacturing, private label manufacturing. Managing supply chains in China allows to reduce operating costs and increase efficiency.

Quality control

Quality control should be performed at every stage of manufacturing process as it allows to reduce risks of receiving damaged and defective goods, ensures technical compliance and helps to avoid delivery delays. We perform quality inspections at all stages: factory audits, sample checking, production control, pre-shipment inspections and loading examinations. 


Worldwide shipping of goods from China and Southeast Asia. We perform optimal logistics planning and check cargo at every stage of the process. Our logistics department can assist you with all logistics-related issues.

Business tours

We will arrange a business trip for you to visit factories, wholesale markets, shopping centers and largest industry-related exhibitions in China. Apart from planning out your program we can assist with other matters, including visa support, hotel booking and airport transfer. 

Export to China and Southeast Asia

China market entry solutions, export assistance: customs clearance and logistics. China is the second largest market in the world  – start your business expansion in China and Southeast Asia today.

Consulting services

SCS GROUP will assist you at all stages of foreign market entry in China and Southeast Asia. We will help you solve any business challenges and eliminate risks of working with foreign manufacturers. Many years of experience, knowledge and legal awareness allow us to solve business problems for our customers every day.

Translation services

Hiring a qualified translator is crucial in China, as poor communication and misunderstanding can eventually lead to financial losses, as well as hinder the company's progress towards international expansion. A professional translator will not only remove any cross-cultural barriers between you and your potential business partner, but also allow you to get all the needed information and find out about business terms and conditions. SCS GROUP offers translation services, where a qualified specialist will accompany you in China depending on your needs.