Quality control

Quality control (QC) is essential to building a successful business that delivers products that meet and exceed customers' expectations. We value our customers and make sure our employees personally attend all product shipments to ensure product and packaging compliance with all rules and regulations. Quality control processes have helped to avoid situation that could harm our customers and lead to expensive liability claims and lawsuits.

Regardless of our business history with manufacturers, SCS GROUP team performs pre-production, in-line and final inspections at all times to ensure high quality standards.

Quality control is a vital tool for any company wishing to produce high quality goods. SCS GROUP never relies on third-party inspection services and aims to be of use to all foreign companies wishing to shift their production to China and Southeast Asia. 

Quality control measurements include:

Factory audit

It is essential that you perform a factory audit before working with the factory, as it allows to minimize risks in the supply chain, as well as to improve efficiency and productivity of the supplier. SCS GROUP team will review a factory's operational structure, systems in place, machine types, processes and quality.

Product sampling and inspection

The main goal of sampling inspection is to ensure that the customer receives high quality product that meets all characteristics and specifications listed in the order. Pre-production samples allow avoiding financial losses after the production is launched. SCS GROUP team will inspect the product as well as packaging design and structure to confirm that the product meets the order requirements.

Production control

SCS GROUP will make sure the production is operating according to schedule to avoid any delays. Our team will continuously inspect the product for any defects or poor quality to ensure customer satisfaction with the order.

Pre-shipment inspections

Our team examines the product to ensure technical compliance, paying extra attention to its size, color, design and its overall quality. Prior to shipment, SCS GROUP checks the weight of the goods, evaluates quality of packaging and double checks for correct coding and markings. If no defects are found and all conditions are met, the goods are accepted and shipped.

Shipping container security check

SCS GROUP specialist will personally perform container inspection before shipment, as well as will supervise loading and sealing to protect goods against damage caused by improper loading or shipping procedures. A report will then be filed and sent to the customer including photo and video as evidence of cargo shipment.

Throughout the quality assurance (QA) system product quality control is performed at every stage of the supply chain. We offer our services in China, Taiwan, South Korea, Vietnam, Malaysia and other Southeast Asian countries. Our highly qualified staff will perform all necessary quality control measures to ensure customer satisfaction and fulfillment.


Product categories we operate with:

  • Consumer goods

  • Toys

  • Food and beverages

  • Textile

  • Furniture

  • Lighting

  • Consumer electronics

  • Industrial supplies and equipment

  • Chemicals

It is important for us to know that our customer is fully satisfied with the whole process. Hence, we thoroughly address all potential issues in advance to ensure on-time delivery of high quality goods. SCS GROUP values long-term partnership with its customers and guarantees secure product manufacturing in China and Southeast Asia.

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