Having its own SCS Logistics division SCS GROUP was able to develop its own logistics network allowing it to offer better rates to customers, as well as to have control over route planning and shipping.

SCS Logistics provides fourth-party logistics (4PL) services that go above and beyond traditional 3PL by offering strategic business insights and consultive services in addition to logistics execution. Moreover, our company is currently developing 5PL model, implying integration of innovative logistics solution and development of optimum supply chain network. The range of services includes but not limited to warehousing, cargo consolidation, worldwide shipping from China and Southeast Asia, as well as customs clearance.

Having worked with wholesalers in the past we understand how shipping costs can affect pricing strategy and competitive advantage of a company. Hence, we make sure our customers are satisfied with freight rates, delivery terms, as well as with overall customer service.

We offer:

LCL shipping

LCL (Less than Container Load), also known as groupage, refers to freight shipments that take up only portion of the entire container. LCL benefits include lower shipping costs and supply chain optimization. In addition, it is the best solution for SMEs and MNEs that do not have enough goods to fill a full container. SCS GROUP can arrange to pick up your goods anywhere in China, as well as handle warehousing in Guangzhou, Yiwu and Shanghai. Our team will take care of customs clearance and you will receive your goods in the city of choice.

Air freight

Fast cargo delivery of small-sized goods from Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Bangkok, etc.

Ocean freight

Worldwide shipping of goods by sea and ocean that is very cost-effective for transporting large quantities of goods that are not time-sensitive. SCS GROUP can organize international container shipping from any port in China, India, Pakistan and other Southeast Asian countries with further inland transportation.

Pre-shipment inspections

SCS GROUP carries out a wide range of quality control services. Our team verifies packaged goods' weights and measures, evaluates quality of packaging and double checks for correct coding and markings. Prior to shipment SCS GROUP specialist will supervise loading and sealing to protect goods against damage caused by improper loading or shipping procedures.

Inventory management

SCS GROUP offers inventory management solutions, including services, such as picking up goods from a manufacturer, labeling and packaging, cargo consolidation at our own warehouses in Guangzhou and Shanghai, as well as providing cargo insurance.

Customs clearance

SCS GROUP team will take care of customs clearance and prepare all necessary documents to avoid any barriers associated with the process. In addition, our team will provide assistance in obtaining any required certificates or permits.

Best freight brokers and carriers

We do not represent any provider in particular and our belief is that transparency gives our customers guidance in finding the best possible fit for their business requirements. For that reason, when choosing a provider we evaluate the following criteria:

  • Company's reputation and authority in the market
  • Cargo insurance terms and conditions
  • Pricing strategy
  • Cargo tracking system
  • Door-to-door delivery service

Shipping rates and delivery times

Shipping rates and delivery times depend on mode of transportation that will be most suitable for our customers. SCS GROUP specialists will take care of route planning and optimization ensuring low-cost, hassle-free and on-time delivery service.

When planning freight delivery it is important to account for public holidays in order to prevent any delays in customs clearance.

Shipping rates are calculated based on cargo type, its weight and volume, as well as the preferred mode of transportation.

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