Translation Services

Language barrier can affect any kind of business communications, especially in China, where lack of language skills will limit business' ability to operate effectively. Translation services are essential in China when planning to visit exhibitions and factories, or wishing to have a meeting with potential suppliers and business partners.

Hiring a qualified translator is crucial in China, as poor communication and misunderstanding can eventually lead to financial losses, as well as hinder the company's progress towards international expansion. A professional translator will not only remove any cross-cultural barriers between you and your potential business partner, but also allow you to get all the needed information and find out about business terms and conditions.

SCS GROUP offers translation services, where a qualified specialist will accompany you in China depending on your needs:

  • Visiting exhibitions and expos

  • Business meetings with factories and manufacturers

  • Visiting wholesale markets

We believe it is crucial for a translator to have good communicational skills and a good sense of humor, be attentive to details, as well as have a positive approach to stress and resistance in order to be able to adapt in different situations.

When searching for a good translator in China it is important to look for a person who understands Chinese business culture and local mentality. Translators that have been living and working in China for a long time understand cross-cultural differences, business etiquette, and overall local customs and communication style. SCS GROUP will assist you with understanding all the nuances of business meeting etiquette in order to avoid any misunderstandings or conflicts.

Technical translation is crucial when visiting factories or wholesale markets, as it simplifies the communication process and shows respect for potential business partners. SCS GROUP will find you a skilled technical translator based on the specifics of your business and industry.

When visiting a foreign country translator plays a significant role of representing you, communicating your needs to potential business partners, as well as negotiating on your behalf. Hence, it is very important to find a qualified translator that will be able to remove any language barriers and establish a good relationship between you and your business partners. 

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