Export to China and Southeast Asia

Start exporting to China and Southeast Asia to explore the market with great potential. Asia has limitless opportunities and offers favorable market conditions to international entrepreneurs from all around the world.

Rapidly emerging Asian markets experience shortages of food, raw materials and technology. China, on the other side, with its 1.4 billion population is faced with a thriving middle class, whose preferences progressively shift towards better quality products and goods. In addition, middle class consumers are now paying attention to the origin of goods, preferring imported options.

How to export to China? How to minimize logistics and customs risks? What documents are required to export to China?

SCS GROUP offers export solutions to effectively ship and distribute goods in China, South Korea, Thailand and other Southeast Asian countries. Our highly qualified specialists will assist with shipping documentation process as well as with customs clearance.

Established in 2006, SCS GROUP offers a wide range of B2B services in China and Southeast Asia. Having its own SCS Logistics division allowed the company to develop its own logistics network that enables SCS GROUP to offer better rates to customers, as well as to have control over route planning and shipping. With its head office in Guangzhou, China, SCS GROUP has other representative offices in China and Russia.

Tap the large Asian market potential and grow your business in China and Southeast Asia!

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