China bans 105 apps including TripAdvisor

  • 14 December 2020
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Mobile apps are blocked in China under new cybersecurity law

The Cyberspace Administration of China announced the removal of 105 mobile apps from app stores. Whilst most of the banned apps are Chinese, several foreign companies, including the US travel app TripAdvisor were also added to the list.

The new cyber-laws were introduced under China’s cleansing campaign targeted at fighting pornography, prostitution, gambling and violence on the Internet.

As it was pointed out in the Cyberspace Administration of China’s statement, the blocked apps violated one or more of the three cyber-laws, however no details were provided regarding each individual app.

The Chinese Communist Party has been known for rigid controlling measures and regulations in regard to its cyberspace, as a result of which domestic and foreign apps are continued to be banned in the country. For that reason, popular online platforms including YouTube, Google and Twitter are banned in China.


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