China embarks on massive anti-COVID-19 drive, 50 million people to be vaccinated by mid-February

  • 11 January 2021
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More than 9 million people have already been vaccinated in China

The Chinese government has approved two coronavirus vaccines, both of which are produced by state-owned companies — Sinovac and Sinopharm, in preparation for a mass vaccination campaign. At the moment, China has administered more than 9 million anti-COVID-19 vaccine doses, targeting groups of people with higher risks of infection, including: medical workers, customs officers, cross-border cold-chain logistics, as well as those travelling abroad for work or education purposes.

By the middle of February, the Chinese government plans to vaccinate 50 million citizens, covering the high-risk groups of people first. In consequence, mass vaccination will begin in the country. This vaccination campaign will be free of charge for all Chinese citizens.

As stated by The New York Times, in addition to the national immunization campaign, China also exported over 300 million Sinovac vaccine doses overseas, including Brazil, Turkey, Indonesia, Mexico, and other countries.


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