China lays out plans to expand coal-based fibre production

  • 27 January 2021
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China will replace oil with coal to produce polyester yarns

As stated by Ecotextile, during the recent China Textile Conference, Wang Hongjin, chief of the Shanxi Department of Commerce expressed the significance coal plays in synthetic fibre manufacturing and shared plans to expand coal-based production to support fast-growing textile industry in the province, as well as other regions of China.

Last year, Hengli, a Chinese textile giant announced of its $20 billion project aimed at producing polyester fibres using coal as a key raw material. According to the plan, 20 million tonnes of coal would allow obtaining 9 million tonnes of polyester a year.

Coal is not a typical raw material for producing polyester yarn, as it is commonly made from ethylene glycol that is derived from oil.


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