KFC launches driverless delivery trucks in China

  • 30 November 2020
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Self-driving electric cars are introduced to offer contactless delivery

KFC self-driving delivery vehicles have been spotted on the streets of China. According to CNET, these autonomous trucks were developed by Neolix, a China-based self-driving logistics startup, and Yum Brands, which owns KFC.

The electric car resembles a mini truck and is intended to enhance contactless food delivery options during COVID-19. Its exterior has a touch-screen display, through which customers can make an order and pay with QR code.

These new KFC car-robots appeared out of nowhere, as the company did not make any prior announcement. Although it is still unknown if the company decided to surprise its customers with its new marketing campaign or whether it is testing new delivery technology potential, it is clear that the paradigm of old-fashioned delivery services has started to shift.

The self-driving trucks already gained popularity among its consumers in China. Amid pandemic, contactless delivery has become the new normal, as consumers are preferring digital experience to human interactions.


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