Nestlé introduces plant-based meat brand in China

  • 17 December 2020
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Harvest Gourmet plant-based production will take place in Tianjin, North China

The swiss food and drink manufacturer has announced the launch of its plant-based Harvest Gourmet brand in China. The product line will specialize in meat substitutes focusing on vegan alternatives.

Harvest Gourmet, which is already available in Australia, will offer plant-based burgers, sausages, nuggets and mince. In addition, the brand promises to introduce new meals created specifically for Chinese market, including kung pao chicken, pork belly and braised meatballs.

The meat substitutes will be manufactured at the plant-based factory in Tianjin, North China, which is Nestlé’s first production site in Asia.

By the end of 2020, Nestlé promises to open its Harvest Gourmet online store on Tmall marketplace, as well as commits to enter Alibaba’s Hema supermarket chain with its plant-based product line.

As argued by the Chairman and CEO of Nestlé GCR, Rashid Qureshi, whilst the plant-based market is still relatively new to China, it is evident that the meat-substitute industry has exploded since the pandemic, demonstrating the sudden increase of interest from investors and brands.

Over the past year, numerous plant-based companies have entered the Chinese market, including Zhenmeat, Starfield and Beyond Meat.

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