Russian manufacturers sold $1.8 million worth of goods to China in 30 minutes

  • 17 November 2020
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Russia-China online campaign took place to promote import of Russian goods to China

The online sales took place on November 7 in Shanghai, organized by China Media Corporation together with the Russian Embassy in China as a long-term project to stimulate the presence of Russian goods in China, resulting in $1.8 million online sales (12.34 million yuan).

The campaign was carried out in the form of live streaming on Tmall e-commerce platform, hosted by Chinese influencer Wei Ya who presented five commodity items for sale, all of which were sold out within 30 minutes. The demand exceeded the supply: one of the Russian candy manufacturers’ items were sold out in one second, another ice-cream producers’ products were sold out in 3 seconds.

The e-commerce market is expected to grow, as of 2020 there are 900 million Internet users in China, out of which 700 million consumers shop online.

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