The International ceramics and porcelain exhibition was held last week in Jingdezhen, Jiangxi province

  • 30 October 2020
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Jingdezhen plans to become a global ceramic cultural center by 2035

A small (by Chinese standards) town with 1,700 years of porcelain production history, it is home to more than 30,000 people working in the ceramic industry.

No wonder Jingdezhen (景德镇) is called «ceramics capital». Here even the local airport is shaped like a vase, whilst the railway station resembles a teacup in hand.

In recent years, the town has been proactively developing due to government funding, as well as the development of domestic tourism and trade. The first porcelain factories have been preserved into museums and art galleries for tourist attraction.

Last year, the government announced a new national experimental zone for the inheritance of ceramic culture and innovation project. According to this plan, by 2035 Jingdezhen will become a global ceramic cultural center.

The government both encourages the restoration of traditional craftsmanship, as well as endorses the use of new, more modern technologies. The innovations have already been implemented in the sales methods, as customers are able to watch sales livestreams and purchase porcelain directly from workshops or night markets.

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