China's official public holidays in 2021

28 January 2021 687

The schedule features two major holidays: Spring Festival and the National Day

China released its official holiday schedule for 2021. Each year the national calendar may differ, as some of the holidays, including Spring Festival and Mid-autumn Festival, are determined by the Chinese lunar calendar. The holiday schedule for 2021 was released through China’s «Circular of the General Office of the State Council about the Public Holiday Arrangement for 2021» (please refer to the official source).

The Spring Festival (Chinese New Year) falls on February 12, 2021, which is the first day of the first lunar month. The holidays will last 7 days in total from February 11-17.

Additionally, people will have a week off in early October for the National Day (October 1). Likewise, the holidays will last a full week, from October 1-7.

It should be noted that some weekends are often marked as additional work-days in China to compensate for long holiday breaks. For instance, February 7 (Sunday), as well as February 20 (Saturday) are declared as official working days in 2021.

Hong Kong and Macau have separate holiday schedules for 2021, as apart from the Chinese traditional holidays western festivities are also added to the official calendar.




Official non-working days

New Year 元旦
Yuán Dàn
January 1 January 1-3 (3 days in total, Friday to Sunday)
Chinese New Year
(Spring Festival)
Chūn Jié
February 12 (first day of the first lunar month) February 11-17 (7 days in total, Thursday to Wednesday)
February 7 (Sunday) and February 20 (Saturday) – official working days.
Tomb Sweeping Festival (Qingming) 清明节
Qīng Míng Jié
April 4 (15th day of Spring Equinox) April 3-5 (3 days in total, Saturday to Monday)
International Labor Day 劳动节
Láo Dòng Jié
May 1 May 1-5 (5 days in total, Saturday to Wednesday)
April 25 (Sunday) and May 8 (Saturday) – official working days.
Dragon Boat Festival 端午节 Duānwǔ Jié June 14 June 12-14 (3 days in total, Saturday to Monday)

Mid-Autumn Day, Mooncake Festival 中秋节
Zhōng Qiū Jié
September 21 (15th day of the 8th lunar month) September 19-21 (3 days in total, Sunday to Tuesday)
September 18 (Saturday) – official working day.
National Day 国庆节
Guó Qìng Jié
October 1 October 1-7 (7 days in total, Friday to Thursday)
September 26 (Sunday) and October 9 (Saturday) – official working days.



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