How to participate as exhibitor in International Pavilion at Canton Fair

1 October 2019 1028

The Canton fair is the main trade event in China. It's easy to find a lot of information how to get to Canton, how to get a buyer badge and to prepare for the visit. It's time to look at the legendary fair from a different angle. Here is a step-by-step guide how to apply for a booth at the Canton Fair International Pavilion.

Almost 200,000 visitors from all over the world come here twice a year to search of trending products and new suppliers. Not surprisingly, the total exhibition area reaches 1,185 million square meters, its products are represented here by about 25,000 Chinese exhibitors. The second name of Canton Fair is the Chinese export and import fair, that means that it is an attractive trading platform not only for Chinese manufacturers, but also for foreign companies interested in entering the market of mainland China (and other countries). The Canton fair has a special section for foreign exhibitors, which is called The international pavilion. During the 125th session of Canton Fair, 650 foreign companies and manufacturers from all over the world, including Germany, South Korea, Japan, Italy and Russia, became its exhibitors.

The international pavilion is open during the first and last weeks of the exhibition. During the first week electronics, household appliances, construction materials and equipment are presented here. The third week is devoted to food, goods for children, home goods, sports goods, fabrics and home textiles.

How to become an Exhibitor

Information on the procedure for registration of new exhibitors in The international pavilion is available on the official website of the Canton fair. You can apply online for the stand by the Easy-Exhibitor service. To do this, you need to create a company profile, print the application form, sign and seal and send the completed form together with the business registration document and the certificate of origin (in English) to the organizer by e-mail.

After receiving from you the specified documents the organizer will send the plan of stands. You choose the location, type of building and pay 100% of the cost of renting the stand.

After payment, you can receive an official invitation for a visa. We also recommend that you contact qualified freight forwarders to arrange delivery of samples of goods.

Cost of participation in The international pavilion for exhibitors

The cost of the stand in the International pavilion varies from 22,500 to 30,500 yuan for a stand of 9 square meters. meters. The amount depends on the type of building and the week of the exhibition (in the first week, tariffs for stands are slightly higher). You can choose from three options of exhibition spaces: premium, standard building and unequipped area (Raw Space).

Stand construction

Construction of stands (if you chose not a ready – made stand, but only a lease of space and a basic set of options-the Raw Space category) is carried out by one of the companies accredited by the organizers. The full list of developers and their contacts can be found on the exhibition website, but this section is only available in Chinese.

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